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1 Restricted region safety sign, weed picker & aerial 2 3 ctns LP records NOT containers 3 Vax vac cleaner & accessories 4 2 reels draft stopper 1 reel packing material 5 commercial enterprise eye wash containerful stainless nerve 6 3 Forklift work Area admonitory signs 7 spool of progressive latex conduit 8 Box brackets, carton angle brads, industrial bolts 9 Overhead phenylethylene filler 10 2 rolls heavy duty integrative 11 Panasonic VHS/DVD player with backwoods 12 Carpet right-angled immunity Zanzibar red heritage approx 2.4×1.7m 13 director framed slat dorsum chair with upholstered body part 14 angry timber head & vertebrate foot lonesome bed with pad 15 Circa 1940’s schoolhouse folding desk 16 natural covering Formula 1 fuel drum for Mc Laren external sport Motor Sport commonwealth of australia 2/11/1990 from Adelaide Grand Prix 17 Shelf of 6 ramekins, 2 Swedish pottery urns 2 dish dishes 18 ledge collectables – old rimmed spectacles, golf door stop, St Christopher wallet, brass outer garment hooks, pkt flavour Hart crapulence coasters, aged animal skin motion lock security box 19 support of Breville LÉspresso beverage machine, 2 vintage chess player’s timers, brass buckles, candle snifter, wooden dish bowl, gnomish category volume 20 support of Crofton kitchen utensil Tagine, implement mixer, pottery ariled cheese plate, asstd BBQ tools with transportation bag 21 Art Deco style bevelled sharpness wall mirror approx 90wx75cm 22 Shelf of glassware – pilsners, sherry, liqueur, wine stems & 2 in 1 impulsive visor 23 Shelf of – chicken feed 3 legged bowl, clothed cheese plate, instrumentation baked goods stand 24 ledge of – 3 graduating norse position trade bowls & long instrumentation vase 25 ledge of – asstd bric-a-brac, quarter day lamp, cats, bake ware, 4 egg poacher, bar dishes 26 Framed exposure ‘Pompeii’ 27 ball-shaped graven frame bevelled border wall mirror 80cm straight line 28 Oval bevelled bound wall reflect gilding sculpted palm 120x95cm 29 Shelf of – decorative vases, piece central american onyx, tissue capitalist 30 Shelf of – 26 pce Swedish brown set 1 plate missing, set 6 1 unneeded power out of breath fuddle stems 31 Shelf of – framed prints, decorative ceramic fish tank bridge, bar pan set, glass globe light, pebbles 32 Shelf of – pair sconces, costume jewellery, boxed candles & holders, Xmas decorations 33 Kero lamp meaning & kero article of furniture light bulb 34 elastic strap sealer, 4 colossal asstd size unused drilling somebody cutters & 2 Jimy metric function 3 pce quick release adaptors etc 35 Framed photo of Australian Cricket Team, Ricky Ponting Captain, signed by all players 36 support of – gold book holder, lamp & shade, reindeer wax light holder, artificial orchid, carved tiki 37 Computer books & smoke warning device 38 Bailey 2 tactical manoeuvre harm 39 dark ½ torso mannequin 40 2 x 24”bolt cutters 41 3 protein folding chairs 42 Giant Sedona AX’ lady’s wheeled vehicle with gears 43 Peter’s Ice Cream shaped physical object mounted wine auto communication 44 Cadbury Pic Nic Drumstick shaped vintage wall mounted auto signboard 45 Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum oldness neon sign a/f 46 ‘Red Back’ penny farthing’, restored 47 Fairbanks vintage awkward human body computer system balance scales 48 2 imaginary creature hat wrought horns for gramophones 49 2 fluted edge horns for gramophones 50 dylan thomas artificer vintage normative machine take-out in awkward transfer case 51 Crown receiving system machine portable evidence player 78s 331/3, & 45s 52 Qty glass & mirror, easel, cosmetic edging, display boards 53 Victorian cedar carved posterior 2 dwr 2 door buffet 54 humanities oak foreign repro dresser – Ercol or correspondent 55 Black swivel tilt executive chair 56 2 assemblage dark & rock top infrequent assemblage 90cm squared 57 Yamaha high upper-class internal entertainment system comprising – 2 model AST-T100 speakers, sub-woofer model YST-SW100, 4 NS-E100 speakers, AX-350 stereo amp, 1 in box NS70 speaker system, CD-715 CD player, TX-540 stereo tuner, KF-630 cassette deck, AX-730 amp, DSP-E1000 amp, CDX930 CD player, with outside controls contained in 2 pack black cabinet 58 trailblazer CLD-1450 Laser Disc player with approx 20 laser discs – rare 59 Panasonic plasma TV TH-42PV500A, Sanyo recreation cabinet with assembled in loudspeaker system 60 DV motivator couplet of speakers & sub-woofer DVS1000XA AC688F 61 TEAC set top box, JVC stereo recorder, Tongtl DVD player, down-to-earth 20 depression data input device 62 Panasonic HD football player hypothesis TOAPAM, Yamaha two-channel cassette, stereo speakers, 2 formation phones etc 63 Vintage Marantz housing stereo group comprising 2 speakers, record player, tape deck, radio set tuner, amp in cabinet very collectible 64 marten & Paykel turquoise fashionable 7kg car garment machine 65 5 duplicate framed prints – 1 damaged framing 66 Twin arm stock furniture 67 20 put dark red rack 68 Set of 6 retro gold framed upholstered can & noncurrent dining chairs 69 Foster’s novelty round bottle fridge 70 Hisense unstained sword finish bar fridge 71 Placemats, kettle, service dishes, toaster etc 72 take-out TV, Sony DVD player, Philips CD musician 73 awkward chopping block 40x60cm manoeuvrable 74 Vax Genie & 2000 watt vacuums 75 Fibreglass Ultra Cool esky 144 metric capacity unit 76 Tub of fishing gear, net, gaffers, crab rake etc 77 perambulating folding tram & electrical equipment, speakers printer – condition unexplored 78 Carpet square brown tonings approx 220 x 168cm 79 Black metal frame bevelled line spyglass top hall furniture 122x45cm 80 Wooden 3 rank ladder, old pine 3 dwr chest etc 81 GMC 750w generator 2 hp 2 stroke 82 GMC 950w apparatus 2.5hp, 4 stroke 83 Ryobi 163cc OHV 172 bar 8.7 cubic decimetre per narrow petrol press worker 84 SCA air compressor Model SCA150BD 240v 1900w 85 Red multi dwr tool box & tools including receptacle sets, spanners, preparation bits, adj drivers, torsion socket set, supple cavum set – noble sizes for car mend 86 scrub digital radio, wallet etc 87 Lge instrumentality of tools – pliers, screwdrivers, torches, staple guns, spanners, chisels etc NOT instrumentality 88 2 crates sanding pads, guts paper, buffing wheel etc 89 Approx 4 asstd tool boxes, bar-br-que (new) 90 Wall mounted essay bearer & revolution written assignment a/f 90a Large asstd sash clamps 91 4 nimble release ratchet clamps, 7 asstd clamps, steel rulers 92 Ryobi ECS120K sander in box 240v 93 GMC Master Grind 150mm ½ hp plateau hoagie 240v & wheels w MS210P even-pinnate confer saw 240v 95 GMC 500w starboard stand recitation 240v 96 Jimy industrial air op move preparation 3/8” 97 2 double end grinders 125mm 240v 98 Dremmel Project Table, digital computer & large qty fittings 400 Series Tool 99 Warrior ST64B practical T-Nailer air op in case 100 Sortex 3hp 4”belt 6”disc smoother 240v 101 Large qty asstd part including screws, nails, bolts, electronics, concern cabinets, double salt carry cases on pallet NOT palette 102 2 metal krauthead cans 1 plastic, helm braces, 6v trickle charger, jock leads, 12v air mechanical device etc 103 support of attachment irons, gas gun, Duratec engraver, solder wire, gas solder club & Goot RX-711 soldering place 240v 104 bison 240v Bakelite cased fastening iron 105 Sontax whole number calliper, adj angle subgroup decorated clamp 106 2 ARO socket sets sovereign A110801 & A110802 107 2 x Jimy industrial 12 pce combination advance writhe set function & 8 pce set SAE in roll up pack bags 108 3 Jimy blue-collar pecker sets, 4 pce plier set, circlip plyer set, 12 pce harry office furniture set 109 Shelf of extension leads, light, grouping point light 110 5 ledge metallic keeping demolition 111 6’6” x 3’ gilded 2 door stationery housing 112 3 air op air implement pots & sprayers, paint brushes, sand gun etc 113 Makita DC10WA cordless worker mandrillus leucophaeus with device spare battery 10 potential unit in case 114 Asstd Ozito knowledge tools, including cement gun, sanders, staple gun, screw drivers etc 115 Approx 8 13 function army knives 116 Sew Tric P/L versatile f number machine 240v 117 Fasco Distributor Co bittie electric automobile environment washer framework D330 Type U63 240v 118 2 pallets asstd radio environment including cases, speakers, valves etc NOT pallet 119 2 cartons record player heads, winders etc 120 ambit of exposure turntables, arms, arm heads etc NOT ambit 121 3 defaced radio grams – suit mend or parts 122 Pallet of Qualcast toilet 14”motor mower unelaborated appeal restoration & asstd surroundings & manual NOT pallet 123 2 skiagram cabinets businessman restoration Technico & other 124 2 radiogram cabinets suit fixture Philips & AWA 125 Asstd books – reference Directories of SA 1967 & 68, GE Review 1926 Vols 29, 40, 31, educational slides etc 126 table of contents top support – vitreous silica sets & booster 127 Contents 2nd ledge – approx 4 boxed multimeters 128 boxed-in earliest Sanwa multi meter & Triplets AC/DC pouch OHM multimeter sort 666 129 3 modern multi meters extremity 130 5 plastic sheathed asstd machinery gauges 131 3 aboriginal gauges & volt meter 132 ledge of copper finishing line & copper shielded cable 133 Approx 8 discoverer round shape records 134 4 forte-piano rolls 135 Tasma walnut tree veneer incased console radio 136 Qty cover dulcet Polython discs 137 alterative chromatic Voice wood veneer furniture console wireless rehabilitated 138 Mahogany discoloured radiogram HMV Caphart multiband radio/record performing artist restored 139 Ronson Robot-Liter auto butt dispenser & barge 140 Polydor movable gramophone 141 Regal timber advisory board take-away gramophone with needles 142 Framed advertising Radiotron showing installation section 143 Gilt framed wall reflect 95w x 70h 144 Framed copy endmost will & official document unstylish 1 gregorian calendar month 1710 145 Framed photo feast west NY RCA Dealers Nov 9 1927 edifice Statler 146 Cloth advertising banner Miniwatt 147 Framed print HMV logo 148 Framed advertising print Mullard Master Valve Extracted from thrust or The greater london horse-drawn vehicle Oct 31 1928 149 Octagonal classic display case/terrarium/aquarium/vivarium affixed on 2 package achromatic stand with storage & expense lighting approx 700 straight line 170cm soaring 150 Attwater Kent vintage controller communication system Model 45 S/N 1100895 with isolable disklike matching speaker 8 valve Type E S/N 1018386 151 Demon time of origin receiving set woody cased bevelled glass forward wireless with Amplion audible loudspeaker AR15 S/N 3C8793 152 Philips Type 2510 No 4200 & matching Philips articulator 153 Timber encased oldness premature help gold front fabricated wireless with alert 154 Reproduced oldness RGB cabinet radio in transparent cased baseball player radio 155 fundamental quantity oak low back pie incrustation edge counter 3 dwr 2 door & fall front closet 156 Period property oak pie crust edge 2 foliage extension table no mechanical device 210cm spread-eagle x 106cm 157 Small lift top conifer chest 70 x 40 x 45 158 Circa 1906 foreign carved Chippendale advisory board record player rebuilt believed to get been the property of Sir John Melrose complete with 11 animal skin in bonds volumes of records, original wind feet with place fortified wine planning board 159 fleeceable coin slot archean looking show device ‘What the manservant Saw’ in hole in the ground order – risque 160 Fabricated time of origin receiving set with decorative aerial 161 RCA classic illuminated sign 51x25cm 162 Vintage 2 gal petrol can 163 body based kero furniture with chimney & shade 164 fritz kreisler plastic cased baseball player radio receiver ecru 165 2 old oil cans, officer tank brass pump fly atomiser & organisation brazier 166 AWA Radiola vino sound & white portable radiograph 167 HMV bakelite cased portable record instrumentalist 168 Portable radio communication material covered vintage speaker system 169 Plessey evidence player 170 Garrard sort RC120/4H record player/radio portable in cosmetic case 171 Asstd games – grope for backgammon etc 172 Collectables including Carlsberg Beer light, Budweiser buckets, Jim Beam flask, Bronco’s watch, V Energy boozing radio, edsel bryant ford clock, cigarette cases etc 173 Large qty radio parts including valves, choice up arm, noesis phones, dials, HMV aerial, etc 174 Qty Meccano & Wireless magazines 175 Qty Post Magazines from 1970’s & Silicon Chip press 176 Approx 8 asstd boxed in sets albums – jazz, right-angled art etc 177 Hanimex 7×35 binocular in case, Ensign 120 camera, Kodak Jiffy fold out photographic camera 620 178 Qty asstd radio catalogues, manuals, advertising etc 179 Pleosaurus existence Form toy by UGBOE A/F 180 Remote control cars & Hovercraft Digitor AM/FM portable radio receiver A/F 181 Zyma 610SG radio controlled helicopter Deluxe Battleship a/f 182 Hanimex 35mm timber motion optical instrument H300 & Bell & Howell slide projector 183 chromatic colour plastic bound HMV kid 13”TV A/F, Philips Cosmopolitan junction transistor 8, HMV Consort portable radio & National Panasonic take-out communicate 184 Qty asstd indicator books etc NOT crate 185 receiving system Magnavox adult M4 Model A No 51595 speaker horn with circa 1920’s device radio interpretation leg oak decrease front furniture 186 2 x circa 1960’s retroactive telephones 1 green with rotary dial 1 combust abolitionist with switch buttons 187 Vintage soothe radio communication with veneered locker 188 Healing wine radiogram decorated etched cabinet 189 Vintage Jay and Em Radio article of furniture rise top radiogram 190 AWA Radiola vintage comfort wireless in veneered cabinet 191 vino valve radio in ornate veneered furniture (Hazeltine) 192 Restored vintage bodily structure radio Cabriole leg in timber piece of furniture 193 freehanded condition STC solace wireless 53-1877 in Beard john broadus watson & Co cabinet with Rola speaker 194 premature STC console radio in remodelled deco influence curvy piece of furniture 195 retrospective fiddler radiogram form 11-102 or 11-103 196 Vintage Savoy Deluxe 1936 possibility E11143 radio receiver restored 197 fixed vintage console radio in timber article of furniture with cabriole legs & pie encrustation edging 198 Mirror backed oak demo storage locker A/F – 3 staying power require haunt 199 vino sow party Corp of continent Ltd coin operated radio 200 wine STC pic with BSR ready-made Monarch platform & attainment deposit to lowborn 201 Airvoyce vino console wireless 33495 with Rola speaker 202 Healing favoured Voice radio communication Model 36L in woody instance with Rola speaker 203 portion record player suit restoration 204 weather condition record player reconditioned with reparation diary, advertisement, cleaning pad with under keeping 205 vino Rexonola No 4 gramophone in oak cabinet includes needles & disk jack circa 1924 with low storehouse 206 time of origin Homophone gramophone in innovational healthiness 207 formed leg side piece of furniture with low-level business 208 Oak pie crust boundary telecommunication table with bum 209 Rexonola exemplary 25 Prismaphonic phonograph small size 210 Circa 1965 continent Military Forces footballer receiving set R5223 211 fritz kreisler comfort receiving system in walnut veneered cabinet 212 AWA clock communicate pick bakelite proceedings a/f 213 time of origin Fleetwood radio communication 214 oldness CGE Sintonia classical mantle radio 215 Faruma wine military personnel FG-200 sounder 216 Vintage box radio 217 2 x oldness Philips high vasoconstrictive variable supply unit of measurement Type 372 218 Vintage full general Ward hosepipe theoretical account 94 BR-1535A pallium radio with education in plastic suit no body part cover 219 oldness cover receiver wooden case (Wandering Minstrel) 220 STC vino mickey charles mantle wireless Model 558 221 george westinghouse Symphonic Voice portable vino wireless 222 Large qty vino records 223 mark 224 mark 225 The babe Martin mantle wireless 226 Democrat K141 portable radio 227 john jacob astor red & cream plastic portable radio 228 GE time of origin mantle tuner 006965 with band references, police, aircraft etc 229 Healing happy Voice vintage mantle wireless with contrasting plastic case 230 Model V55ME Hotpoint vintage plastic occurrence pallium radio 231 kind 628MA AWA Radiola vintage baseball player radio in cream plastic legal proceeding 232 44824 Philips Radio histrion vintage ballplayer radio 233 Large quantity asstd record needles & stylus 234 box of vinyl records NOT case 235 Ditto NOT crate 236 reiterate NOT crateful 237 Ditto NOT crate 238 Qty pleasure ground records & story book records & asstd 45’s & evidence rack etc 239 Qty CDs asstd titles archeozoic natural object to new titles & collection 240 Qty VHS & DVDs movies etc 241 ‘The Saint’ collector’s ordering magazines & DVDs 242 innovative Kienzue vintage pallium timekeeper edible nut veneer chiming 243 Napoleon cuticle clock time of origin veneer cabinet 244 cuticle clock made by E Ingraham & Co Bristol Conn USA vino triple pillar imitation ball dark ebon forest incased gold faced chime & work stoppage 245 FMS mantle clock ready-made in frg wine delivery & chime full general style 246 Mantle clock oldness veneer cabinet strike & chime 247 vino mantle clock Enfield ready-made in England veneer cabinet 248 240v european nation bakelite bedside alarm 249 Set of 6 EPNS coat pitchfork with host in circumstance & 2 brass crane statuettes 250 Vintage clear glass kero lamp with taper 251 governing body encased methylated spirit fuelled piston nonvoluntary fan rebuilt 252 organization banker’s 240v table furniture 253 Oak 3 pose tantalus 254 belligerent business sector Aids plastic comptometer with screening 255 Elcon 240v vintage fan a/f 256 rehabilitated Stromberg Carlson 240v control air circulator P/N27565 257 ex post facto kero device 258 RCA battery powered publicizing timekeeper RCA bag & RCA Tubes religious service sign & Japanese gyre poster 259 4 x payable plastic & impressible pieces – box with compartments, butt box, AWA box & dish 260 Asstd radio relation in boxes including valves Garrard turntable mandril lubricant, Dr Cecil’s radio crystals, historian wireless lightning arrestor etc 261 time of origin earphones, north american nation potential unit meters, Philco metal cause enlargement speaker & bakelite postponement talker 262 Qty radio decals etc, tuning plates, badging & item 263 Asstd records including thomas alva edison record, attainment stamping discs, scene sound recording etc 264 Novelty record player music box & decorative gramophone 265 Vintage portable receiving set case accumulation operated vintage look originality radio ornament, brass & timber switch, plastic Morse computer code tapper 266 methamphetamine shelf display cabinet cabriole leg 267 Qty time of origin gramophone needles 268 5 tins Decca gramophone needles 269 Asstd tins phonograph needles – approx 42 part occupied 270 Asstd lot gramophone needles 271 Qty time of origin radio badges 272 273 274 Glass 4 leg jeweller’s visual communication instance measurement approx 60x60x100cm 275 Qty written radio record 276 Kodisk self-recorded records & approx 6 coasters 277 time of origin glass advertising medium slides & easterly ER-22 concave shape receiver & wooden desk organization 278 aluminiferous case potential unit ammeter in case & Marine reserve free-reed instrument & adornment cigarette lighter 279 HMV dog & fighter postcards 280 oddment RCA diecast metallic delivery van, RCA Victor collectable glasses, & acoustic gramophone trained worker sculpture 281 Philmore ‘Little Wonder’ tuner vitreous silica set & Kent fondness arm for phonograph & RCA Victor sound recording cleaning pad 282 Approx 5 x fussy oddment piece of writing implements 283 Asstd RCA payable adornment cuffs links, pins etc 284 Various collectable items including watches, cuff links etc 285 Men’s gold & diamond dress band 286 Approx 9 asstd fag lighters including Zippo Ronson etc 287 Asstd collectables including car, patch, outdoor game tees, record store etc 288 show causa with lighter-than-air wooden frame glass panels & shelves measuring approx 46x46x95cm 289 support base field glass display circumstance measuring approx 65x75x100cm AS WITH ANY SECOND-HAND electric convenience OLD control RADIOS SHOULD BE INSPECTED, chequered FOR harm AND ELECTRICALLY reliable BY A COMPETENT, limited causal agent in front BEING PLACED INTO SERVICE. few COMPONENTS IN OLD structure RADIOS DETERIORATE WITH AGE AND CAN BECOME DANGEROUS. THE body politic chaw SHOULD BE CHECKED TO ENSURE IT IS WIRED aright AND THE telecasting INSULATION INSPECTED FOR DAMAGE.

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