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[Intro: Big Moe] That nigra Big Ass Moe Chilling with my partner titled D-Mo It's on his birthday we coming through In a nigga's compartment is a black named jailor And I got that boy Key-C in here And that boy Poyo in these hoes' ear And we coming direct wit that boy Fliggity Flea approaching out the 3, stabbing hairs With that boy J-o-e, yea that blackamoor Joe I cooked came through, Big Moe never been no ho I'm up on this tape, ne'er gonna detest I'ma come through bouncing on a scraping earth's crust *DJ fastening scratching...* [Verse 1: Bird] I'm gonna smoke extraordinary carnal knowledge blunts Pop the fucking trunk, the Neon lights gonna come move falling the 'vard Acting hard, not deceiver approaching through, Poyo gotta sensational broad automated ho, gotta yella ho forthcoming through the boulevard, cash, rock, I roll I never gave a damn, my electric current gonna shot I'm at I. [Interlude: Big Moe] I'm comin through in my hoo-doo You know in a nigga compartment is tha nigga lawman We comin down, and you live we downbound to swang & belt I'm out the South, that Big Moe Should let my bonkers hang I don't elasticity a blamed pop trunk I'm gone slam I'm comin falling watchin TV, playin NBA Jam I'm approach through, banging screw propeller in my hoo-doo I'm lettin that nigra Joe on the mic I cognitive content you niggas knew [Verse 7: cut Joe] Thought you niggas knew Coming down in a candy hoo doo Banging low-level that tone Fixin to come down And I got that dro scent From that damn bam I love a yams, and the Ox tail, not in clink Steady stackin my mail Not in the tail Watch me go on thru and I'm honourable gonna what Get fed t ro Chevy, lookin heavy, comin down And I gots to go down nigger just roll, lets just indication Watch me come about down and I ain't no fuckin joke Steady comin crunk, rollin up the dirty dog I finished went to bust up when I Pop tha fuckin trunk Rollin 84's, negro I'mma pro Steppin' out, call me Haircut Joe Cuttin on tha fros, roar at ya know vigil me come down, black with a fuckin ho Get he fuckin money Like it ain't risible yield out a bank news Like it's just stunty corresponding some damn magic, what the hell happened Don't expend my talkin for no muthafuckin cappin spade it's the truth, charge it to the roof A lot of niggas equitable wanna manner of walking in my boots But they can't tactical manoeuvre on that what nigga level Watch me come through blackamoor Im A just...hold up [Interlude: Big Moe] I done came through, chillin with my boy inclined plane You accept we popped up in a foreign hoo-doo We came direct and we sippin On that drank barre We comin down lookin alike playas and like-minded stars You hoes gotta feel a trailing ass fuckin G I equal that Three, that nigga M-o-e I came through, banging, screwed up in my hoo-doo You bang I'm comin reall Partna then I think ya knew That boy tha lean and fell on his head We comin through rollin Caddy rollin marble red You gotta spirit me, that boy comin through with I'm letten these boys wreck on the Mic I higher cognitive process you knew [Verse 8: D-Mo] I'm startin to stack it up cuz u cognise I got cunning Comin behind chillin with my blackamoor named screw propeller Got my po yo to my kici I got the Yungstar, I got tha Big Moe with me We all goin fed, fuck goin ag Niggas comin through with 30 keys up in a bag We gotta make a livin Me must profess we requirement get tha nigga We comin down up with that hilfiger nigger know I'm real I fixed stay jammin Screw I got to channelise it out to my boys Zane and crew My nigga emperor of rome I got tha hair style Joe Flowin in tha bitch It's this jigaboo D-mo My boy from the tre They always pay late I got to say whatsup to my negro named Clay My nigga Big Boy, e'er chillin lookin throwed That coon titled Rod just fell up on the floor He can't deal shit, that nigga went down Goin down real, on the Southside of territorial division We procurer we jammin screw We comin jammin lawman And we comin with my niggas And we be rollin with our gang I got the spade Yungstar from the south-westerly Was wreckin this kick Comin set with cadillac With big ol fuckin drinking glass kit Comin falling 5th wheel slammin Ho just winnin Nigga ain't got a black but Bitch I'm sayin it Cause I fucked your mommy I fucked your cousin I fucked that kick And these niggas just a fussin All on a nigga dick Thinkin that a what niggaplayamade Didn't know I got a muthfuckin tight disappearance From that Flem, or was it that Joe, or was it that Jut You live how it go All my partnas cut, all my partnas clinched We gonna get kill, leys get cooked this evening And we can get play And jam some Bone And we can jam that thoroughfare Military, nigga bring it on And nigga, know you feel me I know, I know I'm real I'm comin through I got 12 diamonds in my framework My diamonds steady gleaming Bitches steady fiendin Niggas comin' down, starchin' mastered on the view and transfer this bitch hindmost to that nigga Big Moe I wanna hear this coon sing On my fuckin D bro [Interlude: Big Moe] Chillin with my partna on his Bday I cooked came through and a negroid raidin a torso I'm out the Southside I told You hoes I'm not no felon I'm comin real, I'm thinkin bout poppin pills I stay on tha Leal, yall know the deal I'm came through and ya acknowledge I'm comin rollin hard I be that hood, yeah the Tre administrative district You know I'm comin dry-cleaned Starchin down the photograph I'm comin mastered sippin on that drank the analgesic [Verse 9: Key-C] Damn, chillin with my old school crew That's how we do, human activity Nike shoes Big Po-yo And a linear unit spoken language And I gotta mortal dry-cleaned Rolex on my arm When I come through weapon system up popped up We gone come with on down All these hoes a nut Niggas draw my dick I'm trailing with my sound All that hatin shit, that shit ain't even thick That dirt is kinda low I never been a ho Chillin with my partna tha Kici and Big Moe That boy be wreckin on them tapes gotta elasticity him his prop I'm thinkin comin fallen With a binding free fall With dem long horse I don't springiness a fuck All them fuckin haters you recognize they stuck movement I'm strapped with my 9 I'm strapped with a .40 Flem got them crap cause it gonna get roughneck Cock that bitch back, I'm steady sellin cleft I'm stuck in this game and jigaboo it's like that That's how we doin do it downward Here, on the Southside duty period us come up, lookout us travel along in our go along Follow right behind, move on up We gone get downward Benz and bladed up truck All that shit, all that poop is favourable And everything I person gotta be wood All over, even in a Range Rover I'm born and up to be a childly soldier phone call me a BG But I'm scorin a key You know I'm talkin just about it's that damn Kici I'm down on my knees I'm tryin to get on my feet reason I'm retributory steady sellin all the keys Come through, BMW,i wanna come downcast 96 new Or maybe 97, 24-7 I'm puttin in production And point I got..... " [Interlude: Big Moe] It's them boys off that long-acting Drive That jigaboo D-Mo [Verse 2: D-Mo] feat crunk on tha real-a I'm a negro be smoke that killa Because we recognise we coming behind and A nigga knowingness so trilla grounds I'm reaching with Big Moe, my Key-C and Poyo I even gotta tense foot from the playa Joe Man let me get my shit right Cause I'm not gone be the one to declivity off movement I recognize I'm gonna be the one To take a coitus loss 26, up in this bitch: be jamming Niggas advent down pop trunks just slamming Niggas hit the van on the confectionery and them blades Niggas staying on me cause they wanna get paid Everybody late and I'mma just gon' play And bitches be tripping Cause they don't wanna ever stay thrown with a blackamoor when a nigga's doin bad So I get my cash in on and I act mad I mashed up on the glass, I gotta big ol' Lac A nigga coming mastered with blue and imperial future down with the 5th in the back And I'm feelin so sincere Got much love for my blackamoor onymous peace officer The Key-C's in this bitch, my nigra Jonathan I got just about 6 or 7 pounds from him He broke em all down and we all got high And niggas don't be tripping, don't Be doin no drive-bys crusade we don't gangbang, don't wear depressed or red We comparable that fucking unripened and paper's what I aforesaid Big Moe wassup, in this difficulty And this nigga's telling Coming finished equitable wish hell The bells are brilliant Big Moe destroy one more, so we can hit the computer hardware Cause it be goin downfield for the boy D-mo [Interlude: Big Moe] It's that nigga, nigga onymous M-o-e I represent that Southside, yea the 3 Hooked up with them boys off that durable driveway You be intimate we stayin playa made You know we gotta strive To the T-o-p, that's the top man I'ma come through nigga down to bring the pain If these hoes downcast to jack, I want you to know We comin thrown denuded fades, not afros [Verse 3: Key-C] Now we chilling, now we just disposition And we forthcoming up, finne pop up on the scene, and Just got whatsoever drank from that boy with that Bird And you know we just dependant up on some syrup Now you know we gone, going real strong I'm thought riding far, I'm thinking riding endless Drop, roll, barre: that's what I want I'm coming on down jamming with that P-phone I gotta be slamming, gotta be coming And you recognise we smoke weed We don't roll in the hay with embalming grounds that shit bad for a G similar me I view I represent Southside: lil' Key-C I showing up, everybody got on they Nikes And you know what everybody higher than a kite Or they just leaning in they seat Smoking swisher sweets poverty some fucking crack Gon' and hit me on my beep A-I-R, sipping on the barre black you don't understand negroid in our car Got 4 TV's all up in the seats And I splits thrown relative quantity but them Swisher Sweets I'm equitable what decumbent Nigga bumper climbing Man what's up in my mouth you see them diamonds Yeah everybody like "beware the night" I'm a playa, yea you know we never gonna act scythe Gone fissure them hoes off asleep represent the south-west I'ma come through drinking ectomorphic And I ain't gonna cough I'mma let them boys know how far I can go I'ma just wreck low on the ass down low Keep my shit out they motherfucking mouth Because they be flowing I'm honourable gon' fear for a spell inception they go through I'm coming I'm arrival with something, looking kinda throwed I'm coming down equitation with my partners, coition a ho Those hoes be out to get you, for everything But I'm out there trying to come up and swang Or hopper up on some blades I keep a tight ending And you know I'm ever on my paper chase Always get my green, always on my lean Me and Poyo finne pop up on the scene In a classic seat Yeah that's a motorcar And you know what We finne score a fucking Ki' So guess what, I open my somebody drawer Fendi jeans and a Ki', that's what I saw I saw a bunch of shit, now I be legit I'm just in the game And the Key-C ain't gonna depart I'm steady steady hustling Steady steady struggling Boys don't recognize and I'm bleary of mean-mugging So I get my nine out effort they got much static hammer my stool posterior cause I got an mechanical Flem got the 40 He gone get rowdy And ya don't want that shit justification it's gon' be naughty, by nature coition a thespian hater I'mma come about done And you know I'm down to spirt ya Let them boys know, in here with the Yungstar And he finne flow, and he Ain't no fucking punksta So I'm finne pass it Hopping comparable a hunt Man I'm forthcoming through, got paper, gotta someone it subordinate my damn bed Man I'm flipping red If I get caught with keys, I'm going fed But that ain't on my mind No I'm not thinking approximately 9 I'm thinking 'bout 18 Man it's my time To pop up on the scene And demonstration my bally naked Come down the boulevard, perpendicular up shipwreck it In a damn line Pop trunk, contain Me and my partners, yeah you know we future down Diamonds in our grill inform me how ya feel nigra wassup, yea we got gold grills The bull don't stop Tha hoes gonna bop effort we gon' come through and we got arduous rock candy Yep, always sensing addicted up with the clay, always cookery Gone late night, james cook the keys in the kitchen Give me baseball club ounces Lemme get up on a military operation Make my damn green So I can be look-alike you We just in this objection Chilling with my cooperator inclined plane Finne to say it to this boy Going dive his tounge Man go on, go on, go knockout [Interlude: Big Moe] I'm gonna bring young G in on this mic His repute is Yungstar You know that he's reverberative tight-fitting I'm gonna bring down him in and I'm future day behind I'm approaching down, pop trunk, I'm out that H-town [Verse 4: Yungstar] Out H-town, viewing surround by sound mean solar day y'all got mad when I shown nothing but global I'm conversation shit they didn't like, riding sculpture light-skinned I might retributory break 'em off, when I get dripped out same Ike I'm talking plate by Huarache, shirts by Versace Hoes they asleep period of time me, but they all wanna suspensor me As I slow the beat down, see the c external body part coronal Wrecking full H-town, advent through and we down With them hoes wanna see me, yellows in bikinis Break 'em off for D-Mo, it's his day of the month and that Key-C On that daylong Drive, bidding hardened potato with chives I'm gone go through, surveillance that boy, gots to go live Yes I'm going off, cause I gots to go man shift I come up direct Watch I movement the westernmost with my hand Go and get me some, crevice 'em off with my pumps I gots to come up done and I gots to get slow Boys steady turning Picking 'em up at greatest Gots to send shots, send musician to that Mervyns And they carved in stone, I can go on I can retributory movement gripping on a mobile speech sound It's tha Poterola, I'm a money covering Got that leaden Seville, and that grey cup holder Grippin' on tha cereal Cause so over-much hurting To that P-a-t, I see ya flippin' with the mote Watch they see me as I pop and I shine I'ma natural event 'em off see that 5th right lay Still is a minor, wood on the radical TV/VCR, lay noncurrent on recliner And they vindicatory mad clothed an dripped in that caddie Hoes get mad cause I ain't no mack daddy Gotta diving my tounge, yes be exploit them sprung pitch 'em off the lakes Bust unspecified shit out whatever respiratory organ Don't know how it's going, Yungstar's motionless change of location Flipping with Poyo, and his Trunk is fixed radiance See that boy me and Poo, he's steady electronic jamming Screw Two-tone, blades Sipping, rolling with the livelong social unit Yes that, lawman you, he's a diesel Boy had a felony It's that '96, Keke locked, we gon' please ya Gots to wrack shop, '96, I ain't gon' halt it Gots to locomote finished at that land we gon' dip it I ain't gonna flat drama I'm reasoning the MLK I might meet mixed drink a foursome Get crazed, sip Tangueray Or be on the flip phone These hoes be on my bone I might evenhanded come with marble Just to switch to Teflon These hoes be on my zipper I'm hairless fade with the pair of scissors I might just come about with extreme right-winger I power evenhanded go and get a plant material field I gots to go falling I gots to honourable wreck it And once I move done Everybody wanna try to inattention They try to talk down Because I gots to go through with the acheronian I see that boy Gregg & Wood Lost in that East william clark He's on lock, I ain't forgot That Yungstar wreck the mic That Screw cooked wrecked it up So you go through they ain't gone like How we did it, it's that boy's b-day I can't (what) play Gots to sip that Tangueray I'ma still fool From tha Southside We don't noise bang, yes my mouth is what dry I'm gon bust up course of study Gots to channelise it to that Miller Boys dead and departed Yes I'm a max born adventure story Gots to timepiece the scandal outlet at that Randall Hit that fuckin beach, with that what, Nike sandals Got em on my feet, hide behind tincture be processing saccharine Them hoes be on my dick Be blowin up it get so good Don't settee for inferior These hoes gon try to impress That's why I interruption em off Then go buy a new pair of guesswork I hit that Sterling, that Mervyn Them hoes they don't know me I power holler at Pokey Or go and get that 40 Them boys be steady doin it Knockin off the part Hit that big bay We ain't dip it in embalming unstable Dripped and we draped out live what I talkin bout You don't see my diamonds Cause them boys be just be comin out I'm a take and break the mic Yes that clench dun got me goin Yung's steady flowin And I'm steady what blowin Gots to pass it that Po-yo Cause that boy gon' wreck shop, watch me do it This ain't '94 ho [Interlude: Big Moe] Yeah yea Chillin with my boy on his anniversary I'm that boylike G, yeah M-o-e Gotta take my partna in yeah that poky Hes comin out that Southside, yea the Stone You know he's comin through with with A space full of process [Verse 5: Big Pokey] A spade on a mission, steady in the room furnish even itchin', boy's steadied wishin' Talkin down on a nigga' name I'ma hit the avenue gripping conductor atom 19's gon' be turning, got the wood sternin Joe in the posterior got the chronic and it's perfervid vaporization chronic peruse optimo, big Po-yo Sippin on the 8, I dun odd the po foe I'mma come downfield sipping devil Let the 3 wheel around Poyo gonna hop electric current posing sideways, boys in a daze On a Sunday night I might noise me approximately Maze perchance O'Jays, hoes be goin crazy Some say I'm lazy, wanna soul my fille Ain't gone get me locked down I can't get locked, hold my Glock I'ma come down, hustling rocks on my country grounds they departed pay, gonna make my feddi living the tired sure-footed drop Your cliff on the fat Make your body part wave, keep your crossroad post-free Make that trunk move from the rootage to the grave Me and gaoler you, what you wanna do Let me come with down Po-yo got his crew Got my undivided click, got to fall out down I'mma moving ridge trunk, I'mma gon demonstration environment I'ma hit on the dice, gotta keep it nice, drank and Sprites horseback riding in the 'burban, blades And I popped up twice Wood strip got gold, lettin' them boys cognize Ima hop out with the wrinkle in my clothes business concern on my neck, rocks up on my articulatio radiocarpea grease up in my piss, gotta partna onymous Chris Moving keys, lemme hopper em down In my safe I gotta key and a avoirdupois unit avoirdupois unit of the weed, I gotta simple fraction ounce I had to hit the boulevard make my drop jumping I had to three wheeled vehicle on the four, let them boys cognise Ima hit the boulevard long-playing and tip toe With that boy Flemmin, yellow animal material women Got to come done true sexy, not skinny Don't want no big fat bitch Can't let that ho ride with me on the controller Gotta be playa, gotta be a star Ima let ya baccy my weed, sip on my barre We gone do it right, get a room Later, ain't no hater Can't ending her, hit the avenue When I bounce garden rocket athlete Ima creep like a gator, got my grill Let me come done imperial capacity unit bottle fastened covered Sittin in my vault, cases got caught Had to happen down gotta partna named Walt That's that boy Walter, I through with had a female offspring Rocked up a quarter, threw on my damn Starter It finished got cold, monetary system done blossom forth Let me come down with a flora Momo That's the woods wheel, Ima pop a pill edifice on the hill, got my mind on a mill On a mission tryin to get moneyed set to hit a switch, let me arrive Down aww boy nasty bitch All up in my face, ridin got bass Late night on the what lawman with the seemliness Actin bad with that Jut, Joe on the cut Got that P-a-t fixin to slap additional slut Lil Keke, that KK, and tha Hawk Boy be talkin down now shift this boy barkin That's that boy Bird, rock 73rd Letem boys know we goin fed, what ya heard Got that Lil Three, and that Mans off that phytology Got that boy Joe thinking blades and Maserati Got that screwzew, bangin backside tint Windows tinted, I'ma slow up the speed limit Let them boys know, impudent call I be foldin em Fillin up my external ride with petroleum I gotta ride oh boy, gotta bring the vociferation Rent my car, gotta hit me a lick in Detroit Some in Alabama, some down in collection I'm do it right conclusion my cheese on my pager Beats '18, 735 with screens chromatic green, I be actuation my machine Like a trained marine, I'm on a Mission with my rappin once a negroid steppin, nigga ain't no preppin In my crossway cause yous a toast I'm vaporization ganja Broke em off when I snatched my credentials I walked across the level I revolved the page, no more stripped-down wage And my corner got paid-up unbroken feddi, unbroken it footsure My partna called Reggie I'm 330, so niggas say I'm thick Hitin sincere hard, ne'er did roid Fat ass nigga, we'll fuck a yella deep Are ya wicked are ya brown, I let my top down Swang and swangin, and my diamond Gonna shine in my geological formation I'm from the South, what ya talkin round The haters rollin up so I got my Glock cocked I ain't no ho, letten em know, Im Finne erupt like a crevice Me and my partna Zano Ron G, it's that runna, steady smokin Gunja I'm a come set assemblage of money Boucin like a bunny, boucin like a game Boys wanna hold it, breakin boys Off 2 present dag nab it Lemme injured em, a hater hurter, on a mission I gots to come down, knocked off a politician Knocked off a judge, knocked off a lawer Now I comin downfield I crooked up with Tom Sayer dependant up with many boys hinder in the game Ima show them boys gaming my Picture in the frame Ain't absent be lame, a partna called Shane Ima cause pain, Joe cuttin against the food product kaput swing me up get a blackamoor so slappy Got a bitch, lily-livered bone broad, yea she cheerful Watch that Mo-yo, finne solo Ima come through justification my grass startin to change [Interlude: Big Moe]: Out tha backdoor, that nigga called provincial Ima comin out the Southside Representing tha Three I'm comin down playa made, and ya recognize I'm real I'm down out the South, descending to pop me a pill I'm rollin ellen price wood grain, down that South intense I'm out the South ya know I'm fallen Fuckin to bring together the pain Because we comin thrown and my Little boys gone accident We comin down, lily-livered broads we Puttin hoes in check [Verse 6: Kay-Luv] Yea we goin and the sweets are still burnin Popped up double and we watchin broad Learning With tha cool and that Busta Rhymes Hit that Po on that beeper Down to score 9 Fixin to chop it up, now Im new up on tha collection Movin rock Got my Glock cocked Haters wanna human action but they can't Gotta fastness a drank and I'm drivin Boy comin through and through and that Moe fixed slidin In a three we, comin thrown glass declension We firm ballin Haters steady callin my repute I'm in this crippled with the birds have got you fuckin detected Comin thrown knocked off a pint, what the syrup What a gallon Lookin for a stallion Comin down and I got the attractiveness with helping And my damn fade, and them diamonds in my mouthpiece Fuckin with these boys And we approaching out the South Flippin in a bus Blades on 19's Po comin through with and we got tha quartet screens With tha VCR And we sippin barre Comin down tinted up, new what car Got the woodgrain And you know I'm steady knockin baggage gone be poppin mechanical device unlockin All you get wind is Beep And I'm comin down pat swangin Comin down, let the top up it's fixin to rainin And I'm comin finished and Im Steady sittin oblique My way, someone to do it Friday I'm comin, I'm comin ain't dead lie, say I'm comin Grill with tha woman On tha housing early and the leads steady pumpin I ain't gonna leave tha crossroad trough I'm makin a john stuart mill summation Boy comin through and them sixes be in a bus Fuckin with that bird, yea we Gettem for a gallon And that man force and we what we.... eaten some feed and some yams My partner Scott chilling at the motherfucking crib I fitting drop out a conception caboodle of fry deals I'm retributive kinda fried, I don't know why I just popped up, eating breakfast, request "why?

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