Motivation, money, support

There is an endless amount of spiritual guidance available in books, in religious institutions, in recovery groups, on the web, maybe even in pamphlets someone will hand you in the subway. Does the world need another blog offering spiritual guidance? I don’t know, but that’s not quite what I’m trying to offer here. If you are open to spiritual guidance — go get it. I will be compiling links and references to sources that have been useful to me personally. And I’m sure you can find plenty on your own. The reason to stick around here is because you’re not quite open to spiritual guidance but think maybe you’d like to be. Or maybe you are, but you don’t know how to find the kind that would fit for you. Or you’ve been getting spiritual guidance and certain parts of it bother you because you think it’s based on beliefs that you can’t accept. In that case, maybe I can help. Or, if you don’t want help but have found yourself interested in what I have to say, that’s a good reason, too.

I make enough money to support my family of four modestly in an attractive neighborhood just outside Washington, D.C. I’ve been putting a bit more of my own money (and time) into this than I can probably afford. But I’m not trying to make any money on it. The writing helps me, inspires me and makes me happy, but only because I think it will be genuinely useful to others. I do hope to build a significant audience here, because that will help me know that I’m not wasting my time.  If you’d like to offer financial or moral support, let me know.

If you follow Amazon book links on this site and buy something, I should receive some negligible amount of money.  So far I haven’t gotten anything this way.  If I do receive any money this way or through any other sort of donation, I will use it for this project and I will provide a public accounting on the site of what money comes in and how it is spent.