It’s all complete crap

I’ve been amazingly and somewhat embarrassingly inspired by the writings of Oriah Mountain Dreamer over the last few days.  I was listening to the audiobook of: 

Oriah Mountain Dreamer, The Call (1999 HarperOne).

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and trying to listen with my other ear to the eternal or whatever within me.  One thing you hear over and over again in all this spiritual stuff is to listen to that still, quiet voice, to your inner promptings, your true self.  “Easy does it.”  Quit trying so hard.  Surrender.  Your wise self knows what to do.  Or, rather, to stop DOing.

And then the other thing you hear over and over again is “Wake up!”  Quit numbing out and avoiding reality through one distraction after another.  Time is short.  And even with the little day-to-day chores, quit procrastinating!  Do the hardest thing first.  Quit getting buffeted about by every passing whim or hint of boredom or lethargy.

Even when the spiritual advice makes no reference to supernatural beings or sacred beliefs, even when it’s just about adopting a helpful attitude towards getting through the day, it’s full of contradictions and laughable platitudes.

So, why has it so completely changed my life to start listening to this crap all the time?  Why am I 110 lbs. lighter, healthier, more confident, and convinced that this absurd journey is going to keep getting more fun and interesting?  Maybe it’s a Hawthorne Effect or Pygmalion Effect kind of phenomenon.  I don’t know.

This is one of those moments when I take comfort in the nihilistic aspect of my atheism: I’ll be dead, our entire civilization will be dead in the blink of an eye; no mistake I can make can cause any more than temporary pain or embarrassment.  So, if this is what floats my boat for the moment, more power to me.

I also suspect that Ms. X may think that Oriah Mountain Dreamer’s higher power is cute.

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