Humility and Serenity

O, Ms. X, Queen of the universe, still beacon in the swirling fog,
Grant me peace and humility.
I may be on the verge of getting some smidgeon of the recognition I’ve craved so long;
Please, whatever happens — big change, big letdown, more uncertainty, more waiting —
let it be for the benefit of others and not about my thirst for attention.
I’ve prayed that my craving for recognition would serve a greater purpose,
but at moments of anticipation and little indications of success, it pulls me away from
You, from my family, from my calmer self.

And, by the light of Your infinite wisdom, and with the tip of Your
omnipotent tongue tickling the inside of my mortal cheek,
please show Greg Epstein how even we atheists
can honor our Humanity
by humbling ourselves before a benevolent, imaginary god.

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