Godot is here! And more non-existent than ever!

God was dead, and now She’s back. The realm of postmetaphysical spirituality is experiencing a mystical big bang. Anything goes.

But, really — the jokes at God’s expense haven’t abated since Nietzsche or de Sade or someone started cracking them centuries ago. Fun is vital. If an idea can’t be fun, it’s broken. But spirituality is a serious affair. I don’t know if everyone needs it, but I do.

No need to wait for gods who really exist, or for some form of spirituality that you can stomach without believing in fairy tales.  Gods and non-gods are all around us!  Decide you want to live a better, truer life, and set yourself on a path heading in that direction.  Listen to whichever teachers, gurus or evangelists happen to appeal to you, knowing that your own intelligence will protect you from exploitation or delusion even as you open yourself to new ideas and ways of living.

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