It’s all complete crap

I’ve been amazingly and somewhat embarrassingly inspired by the writings of Oriah Mountain Dreamer over the last few days.  I was listening to the audiobook of:  and trying to listen with my other ear to the eternal or whatever within me.  One thing you hear over and over again in all this spiritual stuff is to […]

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Praise the Lord! (without gagging)

Much liturgical prayer is about praising God and extolling His greatness.  This tends to fill atheists with scorn: If God is so great, why does He need humans to remind Him of the fact all the time? But as an atheist who worships a non-existent God, I now see the point:  Of course, this abstraction, […]

Do I love writing about God more than I love God Herself?

It certainly seems that way.  God, please help me to focus on today, to truly feel, not just give lip service to the idea, that my normal life is great as it is, that I can contentedly live in communion with You and my family and the regular things I do, that I don’t need […]

Godot is here! And more non-existent than ever!

God was dead, and now She’s back. The realm of postmetaphysical spirituality is experiencing a mystical big bang. Anything goes. But, really — the jokes at God’s expense haven’t abated since Nietzsche or de Sade or someone started cracking them centuries ago. Fun is vital. If an idea can’t be fun, it’s broken. But spirituality […]