When rationality and critical judgment block us from what we need to learn

I got my first retweet and first hint of an actual public conversation with someone working in the area I’m writing about from James Croft in response to my half-baked musing on the first couple chapters of Good Without God (slightly elaborated here). @godforatheists “there are times when our rationality and critical judgment block us […]

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Humility and Serenity

O, Ms. X, Queen of the universe, still beacon in the swirling fog, Grant me peace and humility. I may be on the verge of getting some smidgeon of the recognition I’ve craved so long; Please, whatever happens — big change, big letdown, more uncertainty, more waiting — let it be for the benefit of […]

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Staunch atheist mythology

John Shook offers this very unappealing account of atheist mythology.  Staunch atheists do say a lot of awful stuff, undoubtedly including much of what is listed here.  But the project of collecting and summarizing the oft-repeated bits of atheist dogma or mythology is such an intriguing one, I wish the result had been more sympathetic […]

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Father’s Day Prayer

Real and imaginary Powers of the Universe, grant my Father’s Day prayer: Give me my children. Make them the center of my attention. Let me see and bask in the blaze of their beauty and humor and tenderness. Let me unpry my eyes from the sputtering bulb of my own preoccupations and be with them […]

Who will help the poor atheists?

Atheists exemplify a particular challenge for priests, gurus, therapists, teachers of every tradition. How do you transmit wisdom to people who are extra-sensitive to bullshit?  How do you reach the vulnerability of people always on the lookout for exploitation?  How do you build a community of people who don’t like to conform?  How do you […]

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It’s all complete crap

I’ve been amazingly and somewhat embarrassingly inspired by the writings of Oriah Mountain Dreamer over the last few days.  I was listening to the audiobook of:  and trying to listen with my other ear to the eternal or whatever within me.  One thing you hear over and over again in all this spiritual stuff is to […]

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Do I love writing about God more than I love God Herself?

It certainly seems that way.  God, please help me to focus on today, to truly feel, not just give lip service to the idea, that my normal life is great as it is, that I can contentedly live in communion with You and my family and the regular things I do, that I don’t need […]